How to Make a Change in Your Life

There is a softening that occurs in your psyche as you prepare and make ready for new ventures in your life. When you decide that it is time to take on new challenges whether it is for your body, mind or soul, this softness allows you to feel, see and hear things differently. Without the Read More

The Beginning of a New Era!

Linda Howe is my guest writer today! She is the author of “Healing Through The Akashic Records” that was one of most popular radio shows last year! Feel free to listen to it again here. Linda has passion and purpose with every message she shares and this post is no different! The Beginning of a Read More

10 Steps to Compassion Meditation: Part II

In the last post, I spoke about what compassion meditation is and how it can be beneficial to you and others in the world. Now let’s practice it using these steps as a guide. 1. Take the comfortable position you’ve assumed in other meditations. It may be sitting in a chair, on cushions on the Read More

What is Compassion Meditation? Part I

Compassion meditation is a very specific type of meditation practice. In my earlier posts in this series, I’ve written about the basics of meditation and the peacefulness and balance that come from this time to sit within the silence. Compassion meditation is a meditation that has been practiced by the Tibetan monks for thousands of Read More

How Can You Spread Goodness?

The message for you this day is one of goodness. Goodness is in your heart. You were born with this wonderful quality that was meant to be shared with the world. As you reach a greater place of peace in your life, this goodness will be spread to more and more people that you will Read More

How To Open Your Heart

Opening up your heart to those you might view as difficult or challenging in nature will actually move them to change the path they are on and redirect their actions to feelings that serve them in a better manner. How do you open your heart to those that feel so difficult in nature? If you Read More

What Is The Light?

What is this light that everyone refers to? The very definition of the word light is that which illuminates something, an energy that produces a sensation of brightness that makes seeing possible! What is it that you wish to have illuminated? What is it that your soul needs to see? What can you see with Read More

How To Love Unconditionally

Loving others unconditionally is the lesson for this lifetime in so many ways. Having the ability to give unconditional love to those who we feel have wronged us or to those we perhaps think are undeserving only brings unrest within you. It becomes a piece within you that feels unsettled, uncomfortable, not at ease, and Read More

Spiritual Help

Having an abundance of love and spirit in your relationships is crucial to a strong partnership. Love is the foundation of the relationship. Spirit is there to be called upon when all of the daily intrusions enter into the relationship that can present a challenge! These intrusions may be work, financial issues, parenting disagreements, sex, Read More


The messages for you this day are ones of compassion. Why is compassion so difficult to find at times? When we are presented with people that are difficult or situations that are less than desirable, our ego usually steps to the forefront. We tend to think that it’s all about us. Somehow we internalized that Read More