Your Questions About Past-Life Regression

I thought I would share with you some of the most typical questions I’m asked by people either in my practice or by email that don’t require terribly long responses! Can you do past-life regression on yourself? It is possible for people to either listen to certain CD’s that lead you to a past-life memory Read More

What Is Past-Life Regression?

Let’s really explore past-life regression and reincarnation as we’re only a month away from our Meditation and Past-Life Regression Retreat!! I thought it best to start here, “What is past-life regression?” The definition of past-life regression is, “a technique that uses hypnotherapy to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though Read More

Be The Change!

If welcoming change is a theme you would love to integrate in your life you might be asking yourself, “How do I get there?” In previous posts I’ve talked about how changing your thinking may change many other dynamics in your life. But, what about if YOU were the change? What would that actually look like, and Read More

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

There is an awakening coming in your direction. It will awaken you to possibilities, endless options, and a silent knowing that you are on the right path. How will you recognize this awakening? There will be a shift in your vibration. Subtle at first and then made more visible to you in all the ways Read More

Laws of Karma

It was such a delight to write my series on The 12 Laws of Karma. It’s always so interesting to talk about the laws that drive much of our human behaviors in this lifetime. I received wonderful emails thanking me for the series, so I thought I would share them with you! I think we Read More

Afterlife Communication

There are so many clients that come to see me for past-life regression that are also interested in experiencing aferlife communication. It seems important to speak about what afterlife communication is and how people can access it. Obviously it seems rather self-explanatory. It is the process of speaking or communicating with those that have already transitioned Read More

What Changes When You Meditate?

Since “change” is part of the theme for this month and meditation is one of the most popular topics to my subscribers, I thought I’d put the two together and list the incredible changes that have been documented on the benefits of meditation. If you missed my 10-part series on all of the different types of Read More

Some Favorite Meditation Techniques

I have written previous posts on very specific types of meditations such as mindfulness, compassion and silence meditations. One may resonate more with your body, mind and spirit than another. In this post I’ve described briefly some additional techniques you can try in order to be at your peaceful place. Being at peace is the Read More

Will You Choose Happiness In Your Life

Is happiness for everyone or for only those special few that seem to be impervious to negativity invading their life? Well I don’t think when each soul decided to enter this world that anyone chose to be unhappy for a lifetime. I believe that souls do choose certain lessons to be learned that have to Read More

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever Awareness is your body, mind and soul being in tune with the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will lead you to find your highest self. It is when you are following your divine path that everything about it becomes so very easy. I can take myself as an Read More