Frequently Asked Questions About Past-Life Regression

I answered the most popularly asked questions about past-life regression in my blogpost recently and gave you the newest testimonial from Katie in Australia about her experience with it. Here are the next set of most frequently asked questions! Where can you find a therapist that does past-life regression? This can be somewhat tricky. There Read More

Spiritual Growth

Does spiritual growth stay constant, or is there an ebb and flow to it as well? I’m sure if you looked back on the spiritual path of your own life you would be able to see its evolution to what practices you engage in at the present time. Most of the clients I work with Read More

The Courage To Change: Next Step

The post that I wrote yesterday will easily give you a solid weeks’ worth of work to do to achieve more clarity and direction. As you read these new posts, keep a bookmark them so they can serve as a reference for you in the future. We discussed yesterday what to do next if you Read More

How To Create Change

This month is all about making the changes in your life you’ve wanted to make but perhaps have filed away in the back of your mind. Or maybe you’ve recognized them but are at a loss as to how to begin to change. Perhaps you’ve even started to make a change in some area, but Read More

Part 3: Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime – The Therapist’s Perspective

This post follows up the story of my first past-life regression in 1991. Yesterday, you read my client’s first chapter from the book I wrote about her titled, “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime.” And today is the chapter from my perspective. “Courage”…..A Very Dark Color Chapter 1 By Petey Silveira Jennifer’s therapy did not start Read More

Part II-Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime-Jennifer’s First Chapter

As I wrote in my last post, the first past-life regression I ever did turned out to be the pivotal force in writing my book, “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime.” This is Chapter I, written by my former client over 20 years ago. I will be sharing my chapter I that is the therapist viewpoint Read More

Multitudes of Blessings

Multitudes of blessings fall on those that truly believe with all their hearts that there is a greater purpose on this earth other than their own lives. They have come to know the greater purpose because perhaps of a crisis, trauma or huge upset in their life. By working through this personal upset they are Read More