How To Feel Joy

Have you ever wondered why there are painful parts of your life to get through? What if there was no pain or discomfort and only pure joy? If that were the case, then I believe we would have then transitioned on from this human lifetime and would no longer have the physical, emotional, mental or Read More

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts? I see them as gifts that are received from spirit. That may sound redundant, but many people sometimes don’t recognize which gifts they are! The question then becomes “how do I recognize these gifts and why do I need to do that?” You receive so many gifts in your life on Read More

What Is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual love is the type of love that cannot be quantified. There is not necessarily a specific person to tell “I love you,” but there’s a larger more encompassing feeling of connecting with love and light on a larger scale. Spiritual love is a realm of consciousness that others enter into when they’re ready for Read More

The Secret of Abundance

The message of abundance is coming up once more for discussion! For some reason I am receiving this topic to speak on once again for this blog so here we go! Is there a secret of abundance? Abundance is usually described as more than one or a plentiful quantity of something. It comes in twos, Read More

Do You Know How to Ask to Receive?

How high are you willing to leap? How far are you willing to go in order to receive the messages designed strictly for you to do your finest work in this lifetime? Most people focus a lot on the fact that they want to find out what their soul’s purpose is in this life. They Read More

Journey To Your Soul

Are you ready to take a journey to your soul? I ask this question because everywhere I seem to turn, people are asking for guidance in many areas of their life. Obviously, people who use my services as a coach and therapist are seeking answers and guidance to what is troubling them. I recently read Read More

Do You Trust The Blessings Coming Your Way?

Have you ever felt that you’re on the edge of discovering new and different things that will be coming to your life? Do you sometimes sense or have a strong gut feeling that you’re right on the cusp of great and wonderful things? What happens then? Are you able to wait patiently with a strong Read More

The Gifts of Spirit

The gifts of spirit are purity and truth. They are meant to inspire and heal with its historical nature of being represented as goodness and pure light. Spirit gives its messages and gifts throughout the backdrop of nature. It is held within the magnificence of its highest mountain peaks to the simplistic droplets of water Read More

How To Trust Your Intuition

The question for today is one of understanding how to trust your intuition. You have all the answers to what you silently dwell upon, yet you still have doubts as to what you hear, feel or intuit. Why is that? Do you not trust your own intuition? Do you question the inner guidance you receive? Read More

How Can I Overcome Low Self-Esteem?

This is the last of the self-esteem posts from my “Ask Petey” video series. And this is a question that is asked of me so often in my work, “Really Petey, is it possible to overcome low-self-esteem?” I don’t think that is such an unusual question given the fact that the majority of folks asking Read More