Why Do People Want Past-Life Regression?

I often receive emails from readers asking specifically to hear more about the various problems, issues and symptoms that people choose to come in and receive past-life regression for and what their outcomes were. There are such a variety of problems that people come into my office for to receive help and closure with. Perhaps Read More

Are You Alone For the Holidays?

This is such a wonderful time of the year for family and friends to get together. But, what happens if you happen to be alone this year? Have you ever heard the expression that you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone? Well, the reverse is true as well. You Read More

How To Conquer Fear

What is it about fear that holds people so tightly in place? Why does fear immobilize the body, mind and soul? Why does it have the ability to grip your heart and cause severe anxiety and stress? It comes from the fear of the unknown. What is not known is like darkness or a closed Read More

The Essence of Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been listed time and time again. There are scientific reasons, physical benefits, spiritual insights, and emotional and mental outcomes as well. At this point, I haven’t found many people (if any) who believe meditation isn’t a good practice! There are, however, many individuals who think wonders of meditation but don’t Read More

Is Fear Real or Imagined?

People are often presented with different circumstances, challenges and relationships in their lives that can be met with confidence or faced with fear as many of my clients come into my office to speak to me about. The theme of New Pathway To Healing this month is “Love.” Many times people have enormous fears surrounding Read More

The Courage To Change

What is the end result of having a change become permanent in your life? Is it always happiness or a sense of fulfillment? Often times it is when we speak of these positive changes that joy and comfort are the words expressed most frequently. It’s because this is usually the ultimate goal when you decide Read More

How Do You Sustain Change?

If I had to speak to the one tool that helps others sustain the changes they have so diligently made in their life in some area, it would be this one! Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with so many types of personalities in doing therapeutic work, coaching, mentoring and honestly even as just Read More

Financial Distress

This is a subject that comes up many times in my practice. Many of my clients have been through drastic swings in their finances as many of you have most likely experienced. Some have gone from literally having a million dollars or more in their portfolio to less than $100,000. That is quite a swing, Read More

Why Do People Have Secrets?

Secrets. Why do people have them, and what do they do in your life? People choose to have secrets for many reasons. One is from a fear of judgment from another person in their life. Another is from their own feelings of failure. Yet another reason comes from being unable to separate themselves from whatever Read More