Change Your Brain and Change Your Body

In speaking of change this month, it is important to speak of the physical changes that occur in your body as you welcome and create change in areas of your brain. It is always interesting for me to note where a client I’m initially working with carries their stress in their body. Each person is Read More

Spiritual Communication

I’m often asked, “What is the difference between spiritual and afterlife communication?” There is a difference and there is no difference all at the same time. Let me explain. When you have a past-life regression and go between lifetimes  you are led to particular people from your past that have already transitioned on from this Read More

When Relationships Change!

Many people I work with are looking for a new beginning in their relationship. It almost seems like an oxymoron to think of having a new beginning in a relationship with someone that perhaps you’ve been with for 5, 10 or even 20 years. How can that happen? It happens because you have decided you Read More

The Art of Forgiveness

The art of forgiveness is a difficult concept for some people to understand and implement. The whole premise of forgiveness is to let go. Once you are able to let go of that which binds you and keeps your body, mind and soul enslaved in its grip, then you are free to see what YOU Read More

Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

How many people do you know that are looking for a fresh start, a new way of looking at something in their life, or trying very hard to take a different perspective on perhaps something that is troubling them? I meet a lot of people that are trying to do this very thing when they Read More

Tip #10 To Create Change: Why Forgive?

I have described some of my favorite tools I use in my coaching and counseling sessions in the last nine posts. To round out my top 10 series on the most effective communication techniques, I must include the art of forgiveness and letting go. Tip #10: Why Forgive? Let’s first define the word “forgive.” Forgive: Read More

Tip #3 To Create Change: How to Create a New Homeostasis

We spoke about how to identify your homeostasis in the last post. Did you identify yours yet? Understanding what feeling you knew best from childhood is crucial to create and nurture your new homeostasis. Your body, mind and spirit work in concert with one another in attracting that which it knows best. But if there Read More

Are You Sincere?

Being sincere in life with your word and acting from the heart is a sign that your words are pure and can be trusted. It is when you begin to purposely leave things out of your conversations or begin to interpret the truth to suit you better that your insincerity begins to show. It is Read More

What Is The Light?

What is this light that everyone refers to? The very definition of the word light is that which illuminates something, an energy that produces a sensation of brightness that makes seeing possible! What is it that you wish to have illuminated? What is it that your soul needs to see? What can you see with Read More

How Do I Trust?

Trusting for many is a difficult thing to do. It may come from many issues. You may have been betrayed in the past by someone that did not live up to their word. You might have betrayed someone else as well. The issue of not being able to trust may go both ways. Most of Read More