Going Through Difficult Times

Light is the expression of gratitude. Where there is thankfulness, there becomes light. How does this work exactly? It works by expressing an attitude or an aura of gratitude and this sends beams of vibrations straight to source. What results is an abundance of light that drops straight down through you to provide clarity for Read More

Promoting World Peace

There is a calling for the world to be at peace and stand in harmony shoulder to shoulder in this place we call life. If each of us were to do our part and make it our personal mission to join with others to be at a peaceful place, there would eventually be harmony felt Read More

How to Turn On the Light!

The doors are beginning to open as you follow this path you’re on. What you might have begun in uncertainty has turned into a journey of trust. All is not perfect yet. Everything is not known yet. There is a truly a beam of light that you can see at the end of your road. Read More

A Simple Day of Gratitude – July 20, 2011

When you are in service to others, you are doing some of your finest soul work. Service can look like so many things to so many people! Typically service is seen as the act of helping others in some respect. You can help one person or a group of people! If you choose to think Read More

Spiritual Gifts

The message for you this day is one of gratitude. Being grateful for the sun, the moon, the oceans, and the mountains brings a smile to play upon your lips. Having such gratitude brings a smile to those that watch on the sides as well. All of your helpers, your angels, and your spirits are Read More

How To Connect With Your Life’s Design!

The message for you this day is one of design. There is a design for your life that has been carefully crafted before you were born to bring growth to your soul in this lifetime. Some may call it a design, others may say blueprint, and some may call it your destiny. Any of these Read More