Your Spiritual Journey

How is one supposed to find the journey they need to be on in this lifetime? Your journey can be found as you look to fulfill your mission. You now might be wondering what your mission is. Your mission is the particular path that you resonate with as you go down it. Meandering slowly down Read More

Journey To Your Soul

Are you ready to take a journey to your soul? I ask this question because everywhere I seem to turn, people are asking for guidance in many areas of their life. Obviously, people who use my services as a coach and therapist are seeking answers and guidance to what is troubling them. I recently read Read More

Finding Peace Within Yourself

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to be at peace with yourself at times? What is it about the human psyche that precludes you from being at a more peaceful place no matter what is occurring in the moment? The answer is simple. It is trust. Trusting in the path ahead of Read More

Learning to Trust Yourself

Trusting in your own decisions AND staying at peace with them can feel challenging at times. Why can this feel so difficult? As you grew up you looked to others to validate your decisions. This is a large piece of how self-esteem is developed. By the ages of 7 or 8, the manner in which Read More

How to Turn On the Light!

The doors are beginning to open as you follow this path you’re on. What you might have begun in uncertainty has turned into a journey of trust. All is not perfect yet. Everything is not known yet. There is a truly a beam of light that you can see at the end of your road. Read More

Follow Your Intuition With Four Key Steps!

Are you looking for the proper guidance as you decide who can be trusted and who is not trustworthy? Your gut will always lead you to the right decisions. Whether it is a choice to go with one person or another for business needs, letting your intuition and fact-based knowledge guide the way on what Read More

Can You Hear Me?

The message for you this day is one of listening. We all have the ability to listen, yet some of us don’t seem to hear what is truly being spoken. As other people in our lives communicate with us, we are at times actually deaf to what is being said. This comes from unresolved issues Read More