How To Feel Joy

Have you ever wondered why there are painful parts of your life to get through? What if there was no pain or discomfort and only pure joy? If that were the case, then I believe we would have then transitioned on from this human lifetime and would no longer have the physical, emotional, mental or Read More

How To Follow Your Heart

What does the expression “follow your heart” actually mean? Does it mean to go blindly where your emotions invite you? Perhaps it’s speaking of falling madly in love and going to where it takes you. Or maybe it means listening to the inner voice that speaks solely from your heart and following its guidance. How Read More

How To Create Change In Your Mind, Body and Spirit

It is easy to welcome change when there has been a space and time to prepare for it. Perhaps the theme this month for you can be “welcoming change.”  It is important to learn how your mind, body and spirit can prepare for it. When you clear out space and allow yourself to hear, see Read More

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts? I see them as gifts that are received from spirit. That may sound redundant, but many people sometimes don’t recognize which gifts they are! The question then becomes “how do I recognize these gifts and why do I need to do that?” You receive so many gifts in your life on Read More

Will You Choose Happiness In Your Life

Is happiness for everyone or for only those special few that seem to be impervious to negativity invading their life? Well I don’t think when each soul decided to enter this world that anyone chose to be unhappy for a lifetime. I believe that souls do choose certain lessons to be learned that have to Read More

Welcome Change

This is the theme for New Pathway to Healing this month with the title of “New Beginnings.”  The arrival of spring is always so pivotal in allowing your body, mind and soul to reflect and take notice of what has been, what is, and what direction and path you wish to take next. Of course, Read More

The Biggest Change in My Life!

I would like to share with you one of the biggest changes that I have made in my life. It began 20 years ago when I facilitated my first past-life regression session with my client. Jennifer was the person that inspired me to write “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime,” which is the journey of her Read More

10 Questions To Discover Your Past Life

How do people know they’ve had a past life? I sometimes have people I work with that either haven’t read a lot about reincarnation or don’t know much about past-life regression. Perhaps they’ve come to see me for couples counseling, life stressors or depression. They see I do hypnotherapy and past-life regression on my card, Read More

Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

How many people do you know that are looking for a fresh start, a new way of looking at something in their life, or trying very hard to take a different perspective on perhaps something that is troubling them? I meet a lot of people that are trying to do this very thing when they Read More

Why Change?

You might be asking yourself even after reading the first posts of this month, “Why change?” If you are in a very comfortable point in your life where you find everything in your relationships seem to working well, your career is humming along, there doesn’t seem to be any financial concerns, and there’s no major Read More