What is Your Passion in Life?

What is passion? Is it something that can be truly obtained in this most human of lifetimes, or is it something that is reserved for another time and space when your soul has crossed over into the next dimension? Passion is that piece of your heart and soul that resonates with the highest of vibrations Read More

What Is Tolerance…And Why Can It Feel So Difficult?

When tolerance is in your life everything is maintained and accomplished much more easily. There is flow of movement to your life’s plan and nothing inhibiting what needs to be done in order for you to live out your destiny. Tolerance is necessary to release judgment, criticism and angst. Tolerance puts your body in an Read More

Who Is YOUR Family?

Family is that piece of you that when all else feels as if it’s failing, they rise to the occasion. Even when times are difficult family can end up coming through in the most remarkable of ways. Sometimes it is not even your family of origin. It may become the family you have nestled around Read More

What Is Your Message?

There is a message out there for you to hear. The message is about the joy and love that one soul has for another soul. It is something that is not tangible, yet you can feel it in your very core. As you draw those souls to you that resonate with a similar energy, you Read More

Attitude Of Gratitude

The messages for you this day are ones of gratitude. You are grateful for all that spirit has placed in your life. Such gratefulness in return is acknowledged by spirit back. Gratitude from spirit shows up as many things in your life. It shows up as people appearing in your life by chance, but always Read More

Knowing Your Purpose

Knowing what you are capable of gives more motivation and drive to figuring out the last piece that will make all come to fruition. Once you are truly aware of what the universe has out there waiting for you to partake of, the faster your journey will be. You are now on a path of Read More