Your Spiritual Journey

How is one supposed to find the journey they need to be on in this lifetime? Your journey can be found as you look to fulfill your mission. You now might be wondering what your mission is. Your mission is the particular path that you resonate with as you go down it. Meandering slowly down Read More

How To Make Good Decisions

What do you do when you have a decision to make? Do you ponder over it for days or weeks? Or do you quickly make whatever decision you think is best at that moment for sake of time? People make decisions using both of these solutions. Sometimes they are left with a bad feeling as Read More

Four Easy Steps To Handle Distractions In Your Life

Distractions. Why are they placed in your lives? Is it to alleviate the angst or pain you are perhaps feeling at the time? Is it used as a way for you to feel in control of something else that is more tangible or concrete? There are many reasons people will distract themselves. First and foremost Read More

How to Make a Life Plan

How do you make a life plan? What does your journey in this lifetime look like? The journey you have chosen in this lifetime is the one that you have designed for yourself. You carefully designed and scripted those things that your soul wanted to accomplish. With the help of others you placed carefully in Read More

Are You Listening?

When you are in the mode of listening, you will hear your messages. Each and every message is meant for you to find more growth in the evolution of your soul. Each message can bring you closer and closer to that which you have yearned to remember. Trusting that you are receiving and hearing the Read More

Words About Wisdom

Having the wisdom to access your divine guidance is a gift. How does one acquire this gift? Is it learned from watching those that you perhaps admired as you grew up? Is it something you can attain in a book or learn in school? Or is it perhaps as simple as something that you can Read More

Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?

Rejoicing in the plan that was made for you when you were born is a testimony to the trust and inner guidance you have on your journey in this lifetime. Even when there is disharmony or when your path looks unclear, having faith in the ultimate outcome is the path you wish to travel. Your Read More

Highlights From My Interview With Janet Conner

Janet Conner is a woman filled with direction, spunk, and strong character. She has found her path in this lifetime, and it is obvious how it serves her as she lives her life. Her book, Writing Down Your Soul, is a wonderful guide to finding your divine voice within that allows you to hear its Read More