One Small Change!

Several of my last posts have been about how to receive your message and gave you some avenues to go about doing that. This post can help you begin to act on your messages now that you’ve received them. Remembering that the message you receive can be very small or feel completely life changing. I Read More

Is It Time For Change?

What does active change mean? The word active means creating movement in the area that you would like to see change occur. So does active imply that it must be physical? No, it implies that you can actively change a thought you are thinking to one that is more apt to attract what you really Read More

The Biggest Change in My Life!

I would like to share with you one of the biggest changes that I have made in my life. It began 20 years ago when I facilitated my first past-life regression session with my client. Jennifer was the person that inspired me to write “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime,” which is the journey of her Read More

Why Is Meditation So Important?

There is definitely a large group of people that know the answer to the question: Why is meditation so important? There are also many that do not. And then there is the middle group of individuals who know it’s important but can’t quite put it into words. I’d love to share with you why I’ve Read More

The Art of Gratitude

Much has been written about gratitude. Oprah Winfrey actually inspired millions of people to write in a gratitude journal on a daily basis. This is a practice that therapists around the world have encouraged clients to do for centuries. But with the Oprah seal of approval, people went out in masses and bought notebooks, journals Read More

The Gifts of Spirit

The gifts of spirit are purity and truth. They are meant to inspire and heal with its historical nature of being represented as goodness and pure light. Spirit gives its messages and gifts throughout the backdrop of nature. It is held within the magnificence of its highest mountain peaks to the simplistic droplets of water Read More

Steps To Change Your Life

I wrote an earlier post on “How to Change Your Life in 7 Steps.” It highlighted one method to create order and a linear focus for those people that resonate with the left side of their brain! There are many steps you can take to create change in your life. For those that are more Read More

How To Make A Difference

When people feel ready to make a change in their life it is usually because they’re ready to make a difference. That difference may involve finding more meaning, peace, happiness or love in their life. It may be for themselves, someone close to them, or it may even take the form of wanting to make Read More

Inspirational Messages!

Today’s post is to thank all of the guest writers on my blog over the past two weeks. I am thrilled that my readers enjoyed them so much as well! Every day there were literally thousands of likes, comments and shares on each new guest post. There is so much wisdom to learn from so Read More

“A New Beginning”: Open Wide The Floodgates!

A special thanks goes out to my dear friend and superb musician Nathen Aswell for being the guest writer on my blog today. He not only inspires and heals with his inspirational music but he is one of the kindest, most authentic loving souls I’ve had the good fortune to meet. His interview with me Read More