Tapping Into Your Subconscious

How do you address issues that sit way back in your subconscious, if you’re not even aware that they’re there and becoming the source of your discontent? When you allow yourself to journal without an agenda, it brings the subconscious forth to let you to see what you need to. This would also include meditating Read More

How Do You Create Your Vision?

Having awareness for what you want, how it will look, and what details you can see played out before you is what brings your vision in view. As you see clearly, it becomes more defined, brighter, and feels real as your unconscious actually begins to manifest the reality of the vision statement that you have Read More

Can You See The Light?

Coming out of the darkness is difficult for many. There must be a willingness to see the light. You might wonder, “what is the darkness?” Darkness is when people bury their true feelings and their authentic voice under the disguise of being happy. For many, they feel if they actually acknowledge their true feelings and Read More