What is Your Passion in Life?

What is passion? Is it something that can be truly obtained in this most human of lifetimes, or is it something that is reserved for another time and space when your soul has crossed over into the next dimension? Passion is that piece of your heart and soul that resonates with the highest of vibrations Read More

How to Stop Playing the “What If” Game

Choosing the path that you need to travel down can feel difficult to many. We are always leaping ahead to the future. “If I go down this particular path, how will it feel? Will I really be happy on that journey? What if I go down this side of the path? Will that be better Read More

Live Your Life Dance

Dancing through life would be the perfect way to accomplish all that you need to. However, many people look at life as drudgery. As something to be lived through as you age until you no longer have to do the daily work that causes you to check the clock every 20 minutes as you go Read More

How To Connect With Your Life’s Design!

The message for you this day is one of design. There is a design for your life that has been carefully crafted before you were born to bring growth to your soul in this lifetime. Some may call it a design, others may say blueprint, and some may call it your destiny. Any of these Read More