Does Learning About Your Past Life Really Help?

When clients contact me for help in some area of their life, this is a question that usually comes up at some point. Does learning about your previous life really help? I’m so excited that we’re only one week away from our Meditation and Past-Life Regression retreat, where seventeen beautiful souls will experience for themselves Read More

How To Follow Your Heart

What does the expression “follow your heart” actually mean? Does it mean to go blindly where your emotions invite you? Perhaps it’s speaking of falling madly in love and going to where it takes you. Or maybe it means listening to the inner voice that speaks solely from your heart and following its guidance. How Read More

Spiritual Communication

I’m often asked, “What is the difference between spiritual and afterlife communication?” There is a difference and there is no difference all at the same time. Let me explain. When you have a past-life regression and go between lifetimes  you are led to particular people from your past that have already transitioned on from this Read More

When Relationships Change!

Many people I work with are looking for a new beginning in their relationship. It almost seems like an oxymoron to think of having a new beginning in a relationship with someone that perhaps you’ve been with for 5, 10 or even 20 years. How can that happen? It happens because you have decided you Read More

What Is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual love is the type of love that cannot be quantified. There is not necessarily a specific person to tell “I love you,” but there’s a larger more encompassing feeling of connecting with love and light on a larger scale. Spiritual love is a realm of consciousness that others enter into when they’re ready for Read More

How to Make a Change in Your Life

There is a softening that occurs in your psyche as you prepare and make ready for new ventures in your life. When you decide that it is time to take on new challenges whether it is for your body, mind or soul, this softness allows you to feel, see and hear things differently. Without the Read More

How to Access Healing Light

Lately, have you felt that you’ve been sinking down into a space that feels tight and uncomfortable? This may be happening because you’re not where you want to be physically, emotionally or spiritually. How can you open yourself up to the light that can pour in from above and create healing and peace in all Read More

Past Life Stories

It’s time again to tell some of the most wonderful past-life stories from clients I have worked with before! When I do workshops and share examples of how past-life regressions help people, participants always express how much they love these stories! So if you can’t make it to my upcoming workshop next month, here are some great Read More

Change in Relationships!

Since we’ve been speaking about change this month,  I thought it would be interesting to speak of change in relationships. In my work as a therapist and life coach, I often see people become resistant and defensive when their partner talks about wanting them to make changes. All of a sudden they’re not good enough? When Read More

Love Will Find You!

“When will I find love?” This is one of the most popular questions I’m asked in my counseling practice. What’s my answer? Love will find you! Those that are seeking love in their life often grow impatient with waiting for that special person to appear in their life. Of course, this impatience is just more Read More