A Sacred Space

Taking a journey of spirit to a place where peace and tranquility are the only feelings that fill this space is what will allow you to hear you most powerful messages. It is when you are in this space and time that you are able to hear the quietest of whispers that give direction to Read More

Tapping Into Your Subconscious

How do you address issues that sit way back in your subconscious, if you’re not even aware that they’re there and becoming the source of your discontent? When you allow yourself to journal without an agenda, it brings the subconscious forth to let you to see what you need to. This would also include meditating Read More

Messages from Spirit

How do you receive messages? There are many types of messages to receive. Some are from loved ones that try to convey their feelings through conversation, love letters or kind deeds. Other messages may be from those you work with who try to get across their needs and wants. But how do you receive messages Read More