Beginnings by Bernie Siegel, MD

A big welcome to our guest writer today, Bernie Siegel, MD! Bernie has been my most popular guest on the radio show to date! His shows have been downloaded in the thousands and why do you think? He is a most authentic, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. His stories are throughly entertaining with a spiritual Read More

Helping Souls

The forest of trees stands before you. It is magnificent in appearance yet gently comforting. The deepened greens, yellows, and reds of their leaves signify where each one is at in its own place. The smaller saplings have a vibrant lighter green appearance while the larger oaks spread their limbs to shield them from nature’s Read More

You Are The Miracle

Miracles can be created when the spirit is willing and able to help. Often times, we are unsure of how long to wait for a miracle to happen in our lives. We pray about it, we meditate on it, and we look to the heavens for answers. There is silence. We wonder “have I been Read More