How To Change Your Life Around!

Do you sense change is coming your way? It is interesting to note that when I post my “healings” or “musings” on my New Pathway To Healing Facebook fanpage each day, the ones that are getting the most “likes” and comments are the ones that speak to change. New beginnings, fresh starts, the dawn of Read More

Promoting World Peace

There is a calling for the world to be at peace and stand in harmony shoulder to shoulder in this place we call life. If each of us were to do our part and make it our personal mission to join with others to be at a peaceful place, there would eventually be harmony felt Read More

The Greatest Gifts Of All!

Tolerance, compassion and love. These are the greatest gifts to give to yourself in 2011. There is no greater gift than this one. When you have tolerance for yourself, you allow your human side to do what it needs to do in this lifetime. It needs to make mistakes, walk down some wrong paths, and Read More

The Gift Of Abundance

Abundance is a funny word. Some people may focus on wanting much abundance to pour into their lives while others think it is not right to ask for this gift. However, abundance is just like anything else in our life. If we want to manifest this gift, then we must do the same things with Read More

The Window Of Your Soul

Looking inside the window of your soul is an interesting exercise to do. You might wonder, “How does one do such a thing?” To look inside of your soul, you must be in a tranquil and peaceful environment. It is this setting that invites the soul to come forward. If there is angst, anger or Read More