Is It Time For Change?

What does active change mean? The word active means creating movement in the area that you would like to see change occur. So does active imply that it must be physical? No, it implies that you can actively change a thought you are thinking to one that is more apt to attract what you really Read More

What Is Your Purpose and How You Can Find It!

Purpose. What is the true meaning of the word? Does it mean to have direction or to already know your path? Or perhaps they are one and the same? Purpose seems to be the end goal that we all seek in life. To have purpose is to have direction. To have direction is to have purpose. Read More

Why Do We Daydream?

This was another wonderful question sent in that I chose to answer in my “Ask Petey” video series. Often when clients share their history with me they recall specific words or conversations from their adolescent years that were burned into their memory. For example:  “My mother said I was just a daydreamer, and I would amount Read More

Finding Your Passion

Stirring other souls is a testament to the passion and drive that you feel in your body, mind and soul. When you feel the excitement in the direction you are going, your energy shoots up. Your aura is tinged with red tones. There is movement felt all around you. It becomes a feeling that is Read More

How To Create Social Change

Since every post this month has been on mastering the art of change either personally or in your relationships, I thought it only fitting to write on how you can also create social change. Let’s talk for a moment on why you might want to create social change and exactly what it is. One definition Read More

Be The Change!

What does the expression “Be The Change” really mean? It’s an interesting statement because I usually find in my practice that when people are unhappy, troubled, angry, or distressed that they usually try to figure out what they can change outwardly in their life first. Their focus becomes scanning job opportunities on or they Read More

Part 1: My First Past-Life Regression

I first started practicing hypnotherapy with clients back in 1990. I had learned to do hypnosis for the purpose of helping clients retrieve early memories from their childhood that they had chosen to not remember or block out for some reason. I was doing a lot of work with clients that were sexually, emotionally and/or Read More

Words To Inspire!

Can you really be inspired? What changes actually occur in your brain when you read words of inspiration? How can reading words such as joy, beauty, gratitude, peace and love actually change anything in your body, mind and soul? Neuroscientists say that reading these words actually redirect your neural pathways to create synapses of positive Read More

You Can Make A Difference In the World!

Deciding on the avenue or vehicle you would like to use next as you progress down your life path can be a stumbling point for many. Perhaps you feel drawn to painting or photography. What would be the perfect manner in which to express your intentions? Would it be to paint in an upstairs bedroom Read More

What is Your Passion in Life?

What is passion? Is it something that can be truly obtained in this most human of lifetimes, or is it something that is reserved for another time and space when your soul has crossed over into the next dimension? Passion is that piece of your heart and soul that resonates with the highest of vibrations Read More