Highlights From My Interview On Past-Life Regression Cases

It was wonderful having two people that I love, respect, and have known for a long time on my radio show when I hosted it several years ago! I have a lot of respect for those people that are willing to tell their story so they may help others. Leslie started the hour. Even though Read More

Releasing Impurities From Your Body, Mind and Soul

Volcanoes filled with ash are spewing its hot molten lava into the atmosphere. It is ridding itself of any impurities that does not suit it anymore. Truly, it becomes a metaphor for what is necessary to do when you have impurities in your body, mind, and soul. There are times when the body needs to Read More

Can Past-Life Regression Be Done On The Phone?

Since I’ve had the opportunity to be on a few radio shows discussing past-life regression, I have received several emails from people thirsting for more information. So, I’ve decided to mix up my post today and answer some of those questions. The one question that I am repeatedly asked after each radio interview is if Read More