What Is Past-Life Regression?

Let’s really explore past-life regression and reincarnation as we’re only a month away from our Meditation and Past-Life Regression Retreat! https://www.facebook.com/events/216266605614865/! I thought it best to start here, “What is past-life regression?” The definition of past-life regression is, “a technique that uses hypnotherapy to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though Read More

Past Life Stories

It’s time again to tell some of the most wonderful past-life stories from clients I have worked with before! When I do workshops and share examples of how past-life regressions help people, participants always express how much they love these stories! So if you can’t make it to my upcoming workshop next month, here are some great Read More

Part 2: Children and Their Past-Life Memories

Having recently interviewed internationally known author and expert in the field of children and past-life regression, Carol Bowman on  New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show,  I’ve received many more questions about this topic. My last blogpost suggested ways you could speak to your child about possible past-life memories. This post will help answer some of Read More

Part 1: Children and Their Past-Life Memories

Today’s post will wet your appetite to meet internationally known author, Carol Bowman who will be my guest on New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show tomorrow at 2:30 PM EST. Click Here To Listen! She is absolutely fascinating and an expert in her field of children and past-life regression. She has appeared on Oprah, ABC Read More

10 Questions To Discover Your Past Life

How do people know they’ve had a past life? I sometimes have people I work with that either haven’t read a lot about reincarnation or don’t know much about past-life regression. Perhaps they’ve come to see me for couples counseling, life stressors or depression. They see I do hypnotherapy and past-life regression on my card, Read More