Following Your Heart

What does the expression “follow your heart” actually mean? Does it mean to go blindly where your emotions invite you? Perhaps it’s speaking of falling madly in love and going to where it takes you. Or maybe it means listening to the inner voice that speaks solely from your heart and following its guidance. How Read More

Follow Your Inner Voice

Trusting in the path ahead of you is one of the greatest lessons our souls come here to learn in this lifetime. Why is it so difficult to achieve, and what can you do to help your soul in this process? It is very challenging for people to trust that they are being given the Read More

Are You On The Right Path?

Rest assured. You are on the right path designed just for you by you. It is an agreement that you made with Spirit when you came into this world, and it is being played out as you work your way through what might appear as obstacles now. Remember, they are only illusions designed by you Read More

Pathways of Light

There is a stirring out on the horizon. The clouds are shifting and changing to accommodate the changes coming forth. As the sun begins to rise, it is as your spirit is emerging from the spaces where perhaps it has been resting, anxious for you to clear away any unfinished business and bring in the Read More