The Thought That Changed My Life Forever

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever Awareness is your body, mind and soul being in tune with the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will lead you to find your highest self. It is when you are following your divine path that everything about it becomes so very easy. I can take myself as an Read More

Part 2: Children and Their Past-Life Memories

Having recently interviewed internationally known author and expert in the field of children and past-life regression, Carol Bowman on  New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show,  I’ve received many more questions about this topic. My last blogpost suggested ways you could speak to your child about possible past-life memories. This post will help answer some of Read More

Life Between Life

This is an interesting phrase isn’t it? The first time I had the honor to experience this space was when my former client, Jennifer that you read about in previous posts, actually went between lifetimes. This is described in great depth in my book, “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime,” but I’d love to share a Read More

Awakening Your Third Eye

Through the process of past-life regression and hypnotherapy, the client is able to relax their body to the point where their conscious mind is also relaxed. Your conscious mind takes a back seat, so that the subconscious can move forward and allow space to remember the past life they need to see. There are many Read More

How Can You Find Peace Even When Troubled?

How can I find peace even when I’m so troubled? This is a question that comes up frequently in my counseling and coaching practice. People are scheduling time with me because they are feeling conflicted about some area of their life. As we talk about what led them to call me in the first place, Read More

How To Change Your Life Around!

Do you sense change is coming your way? It is interesting to note that when I post my “healings” or “musings” on my New Pathway To Healing Facebook fanpage each day, the ones that are getting the most “likes” and comments are the ones that speak to change. New beginnings, fresh starts, the dawn of Read More

Why Is Meditation So Important?

There is definitely a large group of people that know the answer to the question: Why is meditation so important? There are also many that do not. And then there is the middle group of individuals who know it’s important but can’t quite put it into words. I’d love to share with you why I’ve Read More

How Do You Handle Stress?

How do you handle stress? This is a very big question that comes up at least once a week with clients. Sometimes we find ourselves dealing with relationship issues that still need to be forgiven, resolved or merely talked about. In these unsettling times, what happens in the rest of your life? When your kids Read More

The Gift of Harmony and Peace

Having harmony in your body, mind and soul is crucial for living the life that is best for you. Without harmony, there can be no peace. Without peace, there can be no movement of your soul traveling forward to become one with spirit. Inner harmony and peace is directed by the soul to take care Read More

How to Find Inner Peace Even When Life is Challenging

Peace can be accessed through your soul’s ability to go beyond the curtain of this lifetime. Your soul has the infinite knowledge and intuitive abilities to move beyond whatever is being presented on the human level. Let me give you some examples. Have there been times in your life when you have felt challenged to Read More