What Is Soul Growth?

This was a question I answered on one of my videos in the “Ask Petey” video series. It was sent in by a young woman named Jan who feels called to do this work but would like more clarity on it! I love answering this question since it is truly the heart and core of the Read More

A Client’s Low Self-Esteem Healed In One Past-Life Regression

Sometimes I am absolutely blown away by how quickly past- life regression cuts to the bottom line for symptoms that are presented. Every time I do a regression I am in awe at the level of emotion and powerful healing that can occur in just one session. Let me share with you a client session Read More

One Small Change!

Several of my last posts have been about how to receive your message and gave you some avenues to go about doing that. This post can help you begin to act on your messages now that you’ve received them. Remembering that the message you receive can be very small or feel completely life changing. I Read More

What Are The Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

Today’s “Ask Petey” video question is the third of four in a series of self-esteem videos I’ve been speaking about for the last couple of weeks. After discussing “What’s The Story on Self-Esteem” and then figuring out “What Went Wrong” last week, it’s time to clearly define what some of the symptoms or signs of Read More

What Went Wrong?

This is the continuation of my mini-video episodes on self-esteem for my “Ask Petey” video series. Last Monday you watched the video on the story of self-esteem. Now let’s look at some of what went wrong. In the first few sessions clients begin to speak about their themselves and the issues that they’ve had to Read More

Tip #4 To Create Change: How To Reframe

Having the ability to cognitively reframe is one of the biggest tools to have in your box in order to welcome change into your life. It is absolutely one of the basics that I start with in the initial work I do with a client. Tip #4: How To Reframe The basic definition of reframing Read More

How To Set Healthy Boundaries

This is a very important area to talk about as I continue my 10-part series on love! Whenever people hear the word “boundary,” they tend to think of walls or an official line to keep something or someone out. While that may be the literal interpretation of the word, it also implies limits and words Read More


The messages for you this day are ones of compassion. Why is compassion so difficult to find at times? When we are presented with people that are difficult or situations that are less than desirable, our ego usually steps to the forefront. We tend to think that it’s all about us. Somehow we internalized that Read More