How to Make a Life Plan

How do you make a life plan? What does your journey in this lifetime look like? The journey you have chosen in this lifetime is the one that you have designed for yourself. You carefully designed and scripted those things that your soul wanted to accomplish. With the help of others you placed carefully in Read More

Why Do People Have Secrets?

Secrets. Why do people have them, and what do they do in your life? People choose to have secrets for many reasons. One is from a fear of judgment from another person in their life. Another is from their own feelings of failure. Yet another reason comes from being unable to separate themselves from whatever Read More

Soul Steps

It is said that journeys can be taken one step at a time. In this journey of life, what steps can you expect to take that will provide the backdrop for your soul to learn and grow with the ultimate goal in mind? If the premise is for your soul to become one with the Read More

The Soul At Work

Helping to guide others to their own individual place of peace is something that anyone can assist another to do. It is in this act of assistance that awareness comes forth on what the journey really is about in this lifetime. Is it in everyone’s nature to give help to those in need? While it Read More

How Each Person Can Be A Spiritual Leader

When you are serving, you are doing your soul’s work. When you look at those figures historically that are revered, it is because of the work they have contributed to mankind. Between their guidance, messages of love and compassion, and their service to man they have been revered and some even elevated to a saint Read More

What Is Your Message?

There is a message out there for you to hear. The message is about the joy and love that one soul has for another soul. It is something that is not tangible, yet you can feel it in your very core. As you draw those souls to you that resonate with a similar energy, you Read More