Teaching Tolerance!

Having tolerance for the human qualities of others is part of your soul lessons. We must have tolerance for those that are too needy, irritable, angry and only focused on their own problems. You need to gently remind yourself that they are coming from their own “stuff.” It doesn’t mean though that you still can’t Read More

Spiritual Help

Having an abundance of love and spirit in your relationships is crucial to a strong partnership. Love is the foundation of the relationship. Spirit is there to be called upon when all of the daily intrusions enter into the relationship that can present a challenge! These intrusions may be work, financial issues, parenting disagreements, sex, Read More

What Is Tolerance?

The message for you this day is one of tolerance. Tolerance is a personality characteristic that can be explained as follows. It allows you to accept other people’s behaviors. It doesn’t mean you agree with them, but you can accept their differences and be okay with it. Tolerance is treating those that are difficult with Read More