Three Steps to Accomplish Mind, Body and Soul Work!

“Journey to the part of the world where the land meets the water, and see the magic that can happen.” What does this mean? It was a message I received from my daily meditation. I believe it means this. If you allow your physical body to travel to wherever, your spirit will create the mystical Read More

Do You Believe In Past-Life Regression?

This is another question that comes up at times in my work with people. “If I don’t believe in reincarnation or past-life regression, will it still work?” I don’t get this question quite as often because people are becoming more familiar with past-life regression and reincarnation. Many have actually searched me out on the internet Read More

Some Favorite Meditation Techniques

I have written previous posts on very specific types of meditations such as mindfulness, compassion and silence meditations. One may resonate more with your body, mind and spirit than another. In this post I’ve described briefly some additional techniques you can try in order to be at your peaceful place. Being at peace is the Read More

How To Find Your Destiny

Are you following your destiny? Do you know what your destiny holds for you? Do you have that intuitive feel from within to know where and how you might best live out your destiny? I speak with clients quite a bit about this topic. It seems that many of them do have a feel for Read More

Your Spiritual Journey

How is one supposed to find the journey they need to be on in this lifetime? Your journey can be found as you look to fulfill your mission. You now might be wondering what your mission is. Your mission is the particular path that you resonate with as you go down it. Meandering slowly down Read More

The Secret of Abundance

The message of abundance is coming up once more for discussion! For some reason I am receiving this topic to speak on once again for this blog so here we go! Is there a secret of abundance? Abundance is usually described as more than one or a plentiful quantity of something. It comes in twos, Read More

Ask and You Will Receive

Ask and You Will Receive How appropriate is it to ask for what you want to receive? Some people never think to ask for themselves because they think they are being selfish. They have been told in the past, usually in their formative growing up years, that they should give to others and not focus Read More

Welcome Change

This is the theme for New Pathway to Healing this month with the title of “New Beginnings.”  The arrival of spring is always so pivotal in allowing your body, mind and soul to reflect and take notice of what has been, what is, and what direction and path you wish to take next. Of course, Read More

How Can You Find Peace Even When Troubled?

How can I find peace even when I’m so troubled? This is a question that comes up frequently in my counseling and coaching practice. People are scheduling time with me because they are feeling conflicted about some area of their life. As we talk about what led them to call me in the first place, Read More

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

The purpose for meditation is to place yourself in a peaceful space where you can allow any of the daily stressors in life to wash away. It is a space for you to connect with inner messages that cannot be heard in the noise of everyday living. It is said that these messages come from Read More