How Do You Live From Your Highest Good?

Operating from your highest good is a wonderful rule of thumb for practicing how you live your life. It is when you choose to operate from some other place that problems occur. Why is it that you don’t come from your highest good at all times? It is the human within you that can easily Read More

Does Friendship Have To Feel Hard?

Why can friendships feel so elusive even though it is a human need? We all have other human needs like shelter, food, water, and other such basic needs as noted on the first tier of Maslow’s hierarchy. We feel we have more control over getting these basic needs met, so it is not as intimating Read More

Learn To Love Yourself

The message for you this day is to love others as you love yourself. It has been said many times before, but there is so much truth behind that statement. Is it possible to love others if you don’t love yourself? I don’t think it’s possible. If you still harbor critical or unkind thoughts towards Read More