Previous Class Testimonials

Testimonials from participants that took Petey’s “Honoring The Light Within” Telecourse last year:

“I was desperately searching for something more in my life when I was turned on to this program. I have always viewed my life as shrouded in darkness, but through this program Petey truly helps you find the light within. The insight and guidance into finding the answers on your own are a real blessing. Be prepared to dig deep inside yourself with questions at the end of every chapter, but the results are worth it! You may even have an “Ah ha” moment. If you are like me this program is the jump start you need to finding your path.”

Tracy, Lake Mary, FL 5/11


“A captivating chapter each week combined with Soul work (homework assignments) is creating a path filled with deep introspection and a true opportunity for “Honoring The Light Within”. Each chapter has been my personal guide for this intricate journey of soul growth. We then have the invaluable support from Petey to follow up with questions through email or during a live Q & A on the phone each month during this course. Who else does this?! While Petey is the messenger, it is our story to examine and reflect on… I am compelled to keep moving step by step down this interwoven journey for soul growth. With anticipatory gratitude, I await each new chapter.”

~ Shelly, Winter Park, FL 5/11


“After perusing Petey’s website and signing up for her Newsletter, I became interested in the Tele-course “Guided by the Truth, Honoring the Light Within.” Each week I have received a chapter or as I refer to it, a gift. Each chapter relates to using the light within your mind, your soul to assist us in living our lives every day to the fullest. The reading material has been incredibly inspirational, teaching techniques that allow us to free ourselves from daily stressors. Petey refers to the questions at the end of each chapter as homework, I equate it with going to the spa or treating myself in some way. The homework is time for me! With a busy career and family it can be difficult to allow yourself time alone. More importantly the Tele-course gently guides you, making the most out of the precious time we get to ourselves and when I have completed a chapter and finished my “homework” I feel refreshed and full of positive energy. Each week as I discover more about myself, I realize how much I am growing spiritually and with a greater sense of self-awareness. The conference call after the first 3 chapters was wonderful! Being able to gain perspective from everyone’s point of view that was taking the course right along with me, helps as I move forward through the course. I am in the midst of chapter 6 now and I will say I have sincerely transformed from where I began at Chapter 1.”
~ Mindy McHenry, FL 5/11