Course Outline:

Course Outline:

Week 1: What Is Your Life All About?

Week 2: Understanding Your Life Challenges?

Week 3, 4 and 5: YOUR Pre-birth planning session

Week 6: Identifying Spiritual Principles

Week 7: Accessing Your Highest Good

Week 8: What Do You Want?

Week 9: Understanding and Acceptance of Your Path

Week 10: Review of Your “Beginning Of Awareness.”




Week 1:  What Is Your Life All About?


You will participate in a series of exercises and interactive dialogues that will take place live within the group. We’ll use selected musings from my book, Musings To Help The Soul Remember, to help you get in touch with that piece of you that has questions and have remained unanswered. A guided visualization will end each 90-minute class to move what has been discovered on a conscious level to your subconscious so they may work in tandem with you throughout the remainder of the 10 weeks.



Week 2:  Understanding Your Life Challenges?


You will clearly identify your particular life challenges and the deeper spiritual meaning connected with it becomes a RELEASE. Through a series of exercises you will discover what you actually set up in your pre-birth planning session. There IS a reason you are at this specific place in this time. Delving into what spiritual lessons you are learning to be at peace with will begin the flow of inner conversation from your soul to you in a conscious form.



Week 3, 4 and 5: YOUR Pre-birth planning session.


You will understand and receive access and clarity to the information you planned when you came into this world. A series of didactic exercises along with guided visualizations will allow this information to emerge. I will teach you the process and give you the script of how to access information from your Akashic record. It will bring the understanding and insight that allows you to tap into the incredible potential you planned for yourself in this lifetime.




Week 6:  Identifying Spiritual Principles


Unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness are among the 20 or more spiritual principles that will be explored in depth. Our soul came here to cultivate these spiritual qualities. Taking real life examples from group members on difficult hot spots in your life and applying these principles will begin the shift to understanding to an acceptance of the path you’ve chosen in this lifetime. You will be able to identify the 3 to 5 spiritual qualities that you specifically chose to work on in this lifetime.




Week 7:  Accessing Your Highest Good.


What does this mean? How do you get in touch with it? How can you practice it? What can you do when life gets in the way? How you can access and receive help from your guides in this area.





Week 8:  What Do You Want?


After doing the above soul work, you will become clear on your purpose in this lifetime. In the previous classes you will have opened up many of your chakras in the work you’re doing, and you may actually SEE or FEEL something different for yourself at this point. A powerful guided visualization on opening up your chakras will be part of this class.




Week 9:  Understanding and Acceptance of Your Path.


You will gain further clarification and use particular musings to tie in all the information received from the work you did with identifying what your agreement was in your pre-birth planning session and what you found in your akashic records.




Week 10:  Review of Your “Beginning Of Awareness.”


You have now identified, processed and can understand the spiritual principles that have presented themselves for you to learn in this lifetime. We will review them and tie them together with another powerful visualization that allows your subconscious and your conscious mind to continue to bring it all to fruition as you prepare for Level II classes.