In the first 10 classes of this series you are here to look at your life purpose, to understand the patterns in your life and why you’re here in this lifetime. You’ll learn why you took on that mother who was an alcoholic and a father that didn’t know how to show love OR why you chose your mother that would be your best friend and a father that could show you unconditional love!


You’ll be taking away any victim, martyr, or guilt consciousness that is common in this human lifetime and moving into the spiritual consciousness that says “this happened for a reason, my soul chose this and I know what I’m doing here.” Moving from the human perspective into the spiritual prospective is key to your soul growth.


I am teaching these classes from the spiritual perspective and integrating the tools and psychodynamic relationships connecting the body, mind and soul because…

This Is What Works!!


Over the past 30 years of being a marriage and family therapist, life coach, hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher, this is the crucial information that your soul has been waiting for. It will move you forward, bring understanding and closure to your past, and open up your intuitive channels to universal truths. This base of knowledge is the catalyst to the next levels of spiritual growth that I will be teaching in the spring.



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