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Petey’s Video Presentations

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Watch Petey’s latest SIZZLE reel from her last EVENT on Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Healing here

If you’d like to get to know Petey and her topics a little better….please listen to her “Ask Petey” video series. She makes a selection from questions sent to her on a weekly basis and answers them in two to three minutes! They are also embedded in her blog posts each Monday morning with more tips on the topic: here’s a sample: 

If you have a question for Petey please send it to:

    “Can Karma Be Changed?”     

    “What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?”  

    “Why Can’t I Find My Soul Mate?”  

    “How To Get Over Someone?”  

    “How To Make My Dreams Come True?”  

    “Is There Proof Of Reincarnation?”  

    “What Is The Story On Self-Esteem?”  

    “What Went Wrong?”  

Video Testimonials from Workshops and Telecourses:

    Guided By The Truth: Spiritual Telecourse Testimonial, 2012  

    Unity Past-Life Regression Testimonial, 2011    

    Follow-up Past-Life Regression Testimonial, 2011  

    Unity Past-Life Regression Workshop: Promo, 2011  

Sample Musings From My CD, “Musings To Help The Soul Remember”

    “Ocean Journey”   

    “Your Sacred Place”  

    Recording My New Meditation CD’s   

Musings from my book, “Musings To Help The Soul Remember”, 2009



    “Entwining Hearts”