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Why are some people able to create and manifest easily while others are feeling stuck and without direction?

Why do some wish to move their souls forward while others settle for old dysfunctional patterns?

And why are some people getting clarity while others are unsure of what lies ahead?

Introducing Soul Learners Jumpstart where I’ll be guiding you and sharing the answers to these questions so you too can move your soul forward to the path you planned for this lifetime!

Hi, my name is Petey, founder of New Pathway to Healing and a guide for souls around the world. Welcome to Soul Learners Jumpstart.

The goal of this mini course is simple: to help you easily move your soul forward to the path you planned for this lifetime.

By joining Soul Learners Jumpstart, you’re going to discover all the tips, techniques and how to implement what you learn immediately to begin creating and manifesting easily.

This is going to immediately help get your soul ready to receive and shift out of the human patterns that haven't been working for you.

Once you get this down, you’ll start experiencing your desired reality with ease!

Before you dive into this journey, I’ve got to warn you about something critically important. And not paying attention to this virtually guarantees you remain stuck in old ways...

Right now you might think you can't simply have it all or receive what you deserve.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?
What if instead you were able to create massive shifts in your life and attract abundance, love, peace, health and more?

I get this may be pretty different from what you’ve heard before about pushing through limiting beliefs.

But this fundamental shift is 1 reason why Soul Learners Jumpstart works so well.

In fact, you might’ve already tried to heal and create shifts in your life - and it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped.

Throughout Soul Learners Jumpstart, you’ll see how to do this in a whole new way.

I’m sure you’ll agree, trying to move your soul forward to the path you planned for this lifetime isn’t always as simple as some people make it seem. It comes with its challenges.

Like maybe you get discouraged to keep going, end up in the same cycles, or even give up on your dreams all together.

You wonder, “can I really do this? Can I actually manifest everything I desire?”

If this sounds familiar, I get it.

So many of the people I've worked with have tried the exact same things.

Me included! We've all heard that little voice of doubt in our head, wondering if it’s possible.

And I’m here to show you it IS possible.

Everything is possible. Even if you are in a place where all seems to flow, yet there's that one missing piece in life, this is the pivotal point in your souls journey where you can decide to claim JOY, LOVE, PROSPERITY and PEACE once and for all.

Here's the thing, high vibrations and love are accessible to EVERYONE!

That’s why in Soul Learners Jumpstart I’m going to demystify the process of using quantum physics to manifest which will save you a lot of time, energy and frustration.

You will even get to experience a past life regression guided by me, to help move your soul along your life;s journey!

I'll put all the tools in your hands and it’s up to your determination, dedication and efforts to create the changes you wish to see!

See what other Soul Learners have said about SLJ!

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Enjoy the course entirely, or select from any of the three parts below!

Jumpstart Part 1 - CORE

You will learn all about Homeostasis, Creating Your New Homeostasis and Soul Lessons.


This is the FOUNDATION needed to begin moving your soul forward.


Jumpstart Part 2 - MANIFESTING

You will learn all about Moving Your Soul Ahead, Quantum Physics & Manifesting and receive a Guided Meditation Visualization for Quantum Manifesting.

This is where your soul begins to work with the energy all around you to manifest the life and healing you desire.


Jumpstart Part 3 - INTEGRATION

You will learn about Soul Contracts, experience a 45 minute Past Life Regression Meditation, Messages from the Masters


This is where you'll be taken back into a past life to continue doing healing work.