Soul Learners Membership Waitlist

The doors to Soul Learners Membership are currently closed.

Doors open for enrollment again in April 2022.

Join the waitlist to stay up to date!

Join when the doors are open and transform your life as a Soul Learner in 3 ways:


1. Soul Learners get access to Petey online in teaching modules, in a group setting, via private facebook group and monthly Zoom group calls.

A big intention around creating Soul Learners Membership was because Petey's clients would always wish that she could be with them, in their pocket or ear guiding them through life.

This is how Soul Learners Membership was born!

Many of the current Soul Learners have been with Petey for YEARS and are now enjoying accessing her infinite knowledge, wisdom and guidance as they progress their souls growth in this lifetime.

Our monthly group Zoom Q&A gatherings are amazing! So much openness, vulnerability, healing and transformation is shared in this space as we all become close with one another.

2. Soul Learners get the powerful boost for evolving the Soul that comes from accountability.

You might forget to meditate or take time to slow down in the life we are in right now - but when you've got an online community and Petey by your side to remind you to watch the weekly teaching videos, meditations and attend our monthly meetings... you're going to show up, feel supported and take action to manifest the life you've always dream of as you move your Soul forward.

When people are expecting you—you show up.

And showing up is what keeps you moving forward on your souls journey.

All that's required is 30-40 minutes each week because we know you are on a mission! (As a parent, healer, teacher, etc)

All the material you ever need to catch up and stay present is located in the online portal with our support in the Private FB Group and Telegram messenger.

3. As a Soul Learner, you're equipped and given the tools needed to live the life you were meant to live - while making lasting connections and friendships.

No more isolation. No more feeling isolated and alone trying to do all this healing work by yourself.

In Soul Learners Membership, you find your people.

Whether you’re a parent, a financial professional, a lawyer, a therapist, a yoga teacher, a doctor, a student - YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!!

We’re in it together!


Hear it from our Soul Learners...

“It was eye opening for me to see my homeostasis with my mother and my father and my friends specifically because this is a really big one for me.
I never thought about it from this perspective, I mostly had kind of like an overall high level family autopilot in my head that I had seen in my parents marriage. But all the pieces started coming together for me and I received clarity.”
"Petey teaching about homeostasis was the most fascinating thing that I learned and was able to make sense out of my past to date. Also loved the manifesting meditation!! Petey's teaching is so spot on and at times even humorous!!! Soul Learners Jumpstart was life changing. Excited for the membership journey!"


"Petey’s teaching and her ability to explain concepts in the most helpful and easily digestible way is why I took her Soul Learners Jumpstart course and am signing up for the VIP membership as soon as I can!! You will not have a minute of regret. She is the most knowledgeable therapist/coach in so many areas that I have ever met!"
"I loved receiving a channeled message from Spirit from Petey a couple of years ago as it helped me to open my eyes to the balance I needed to shift into the life I was manifesting. In my message from Spirit that Petey gave me, I remembered that I was a nun that took a vow of silence in the 18th century, which explained why for so much of my lifetime I struggled speaking up, expressing myself, asking for what I need and simply feeling safe in using my voice. I did a lot of healing around that lifetime and now love to speak so much I have a podcast! Thank you Petey!!"
"I asked for a Message From Spirit from Petey after reading her last book and finding out that she channeled them for other people as well as for herself! I felt very depressed and my relationship had just ended with my boyfriend. What came out of that message literally transformed the way I had been seeing life! I learned I was like a hermit living in the forest in the 17th century. I spoke to nobody almost my whole life. I was depressed and lonely. I learned that subconsciously I was recreating a similar life now by the way I had up walls and was pushing people away. Eye-opening for sure!!! There was so much more but you would love getting these messages!"


*Guide to Manifesting Success*

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Now, in Soul Learners Membership, you can get extra help and support that I could never squeeze into a one-on-one therapy session.

My team and I are leading a soul learners revolution.

We hope you’ll join us.

Who is Petey?

Petey Silveira

Petey is a LMFT, a spiritual teacher, coach, public speaker, past-life regression expert, and author here to show you how to access healing at a soul level.

Petey has unlocked how every one of us can create healing through identifying our individual soul lessons, using different modalities of the Mind, Body, and Spirit to create lasting transformation.

It is her mission to share her methodology with the world so that we all can find our peaceful place in this lifetime.