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Over 30 Years of Practice in Holistic Spiritual Therapy & Teaching

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Hi, I'm Petey Silveira LMFT

As a spiritual teacher, coach, public speaker, past-life regression expert, and author, I want to show you how to access healing at a soul level.

I have unlocked how every one of us can create healing through identifying our individual soul lessons, using different modalities of the Mind, Body, and Spirit to create lasting transformation. It is my mission to share my methodology with the world so that we all can find our peaceful place in this lifetime.

Petey Silveira

My career has been a manifestation of my personal journey, weaving together my spiritual awakening with my professional training.

Over my 34 years as a marriage and family therapist and spiritual teacher, I have deepened the interconnectedness between traditional psychotherapy, my spiritual practice as a meditation guide, and Kundalini yoga teacher, and as a hypnotherapist and past-life regression expert. This layered approach allows me to create custom prescriptions for an individual because I know I have the ingredients needed to create healing.

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Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.”

~ Are you ready?

Guided By the Truth, Honoring the Light Within

is a riveting exploration of self-discovery that helps you connect with your soul memory allowing you to remember the time and space between your lifetimes. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime as you learn to honor the eternal light within you fully!

Thank you so much for visiting me on my journey in this lifetime!

with Petey and her daughter Sarah on Therapy Unfiltered.

The Mother Daughter duo sharing raw, authentic insights from the chair with your hosts Petey and Sarah.

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I am a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author who has unlocked how to create healing through identifying an individual’s soul lessons. I create healing with my clients as a marriage and family therapist and with the world at spiritual retreats, special events, and workshops.

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