Today Calls for Faith

A Little Girl Holding a Diya in Hand

Today’s message is about trusting your inner guidance on when to go, and when to yield. You see, we are all built with an innate internal guidance system called our…

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Fill Your Cup First

The Desk

I wanted to share a message with you today regarding REST. It’s normal to feel like we don’t have permission to put ourselves first and fill our cups before taking…

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Counseling Answering Your Questions First Visit Listed below are the questions clients want answered in the first counseling session.“Can you help me feel better?”You contacted me because you are experiencing…

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About Petey

About Petey Spiritual Healer & Motivational Speaker Spiritual Teacher I am a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author who has unlocked how to create healing through identifying an individual’s soul…

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Paving aPath of Progress Join my Soul Learners Membership and receive a special gift! Join us as we explore the topic of Unconditional Acceptance CLICK HERE FOR MY SOUL LEARNERS…

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